New special: Flow Make it yourself

Flow Make it yourself

One thing we know for sure is that we get a wonderful sense of peace out of making things. It even—and sorry if we sound terribly goody-two-shoes here—makes us 
feel happy. Of course you can buy the most gorgeous handmade products in equally 
gorgeous shops. And all over the world you can find great craftspeople and artisans. 
But regardless of that, there is nothing better or more satisfying than making something yourself. At home, with your very own hands. And so we thought of a new special: Flow Make it yourself.

A large book full of DIY-projects of 26 creatives from all over the world. With step-to-step explanations to help you get started: from a shelf of used wood to a crocheted ba, and from a pop-up garden made of paper to a mini-doll with matching outfit. Including all patterns you need and of course many extra’s and paper goodies such as colored paper, DIY-labels and –stickers.

A few of the projects you’ll find inside:

  • A painted plate
    Flow’s image editor Marjolijn Polman shows you how to paint your own plate in 8 simple steps.
  • Patterned tiles
    American illustrator Leah Goren tells you how to make your own patterned tiles.
  • Pop-up garden
    Learn how to make a pop-up garden with the help of papercut artist Geertje Aalders.
  • Embroidered socks
    Embroider your own socks in eleven steps. Explained by blogger Nienke Landman.
  • Extra: all the patterns you need and lots of extra’s and paper goodies like colored paper and DIY-stickers.

Flow Make it Yourself