New: Keep What You Love

Together with Workman Publishers from New York, we made this new book: Keep What You Love.

This handy guide will help you declutter with ease. Regular Flow contributor Lotte Dirks has illustrated all sorts of items that fill our home—and that probably make you wonder ‘Keep or Throw?’ whenever they pass through your hands…

Ice cube trays, a manual typewriter, game pieces, that souvenir snow globe: Are they really necessary to hold on to? This handy book helps you declutter with ease. What to keep, and what can go? Beneath each of Lotte Dirk’s illustrations, you’ll find two little checkboxes: Yes and No. Look at the object, note down your response—then act accordingly!

What’s more: the book is filled with tips and ideas for what to do with things that may be hard to part with. So, the good news is you don’t have to get rid of it all. As the title says: You get to keep what you love!

  • Keep What You Love can be found in bookstores in the US and in our online shop.

Photography Floor van Koert