Yvonne de Jonge, from Zeeland in the Netherlands, is a graphic designer. She also runs an Etsy shop with her own self-made products, which we think are beautiful!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
“I live in Middelburg with my husband and our three cats. After I finished my studies in 1996, I started my own business as a graphic designer. I also did odd jobs as an offset printer, advisor/salesperson for a clothing store, cleaner, assistant photographer and worked at a reprographer’s. In 2013 my husband and I combined our businesses into one: Studio Groenling. We are both big nature lovers and like knowing that more and more ‘green’ customers are finding their way to us.”

On your site you write that you rediscovered drawing in 2011. Why did you have to rediscover it?

“When I was a kid I loved drawing, but working as a graphic designer is a more client-oriented job. At a certain point drawing wasn’t a hobby anymore, but work. A few years ago I had a viral infection of my vestibular system, and combined with working too hard, this led to my having to take time off work altogether for a few months. It had a positive result for me in the end: I rediscovered the peace and quiet needed to regain my pleasure from ‘making’.”

And then you decided to start an Etsy shop.
“Yes, you know, it’s so great nowadays that everyone has this possibility. There are so many beautiful things out there, and the line between amateur and professional is blurring; it is solely about your product and what you want to do. I love the philosophy and look of Etsy and it was an opportunity to reach more people with the things I make. Etsy turns out to be a really great place: not only for the fact that you’re selling to people all over the world, but also for the contact you make with customers and other sellers, which is priceless. Many close friendships and collaborations have already resulted from my being there.”