Erika Harberts began as a simple textile artist, but found that she preferred it when her designs could also actually be put to use. The only problem though is that we think the fabrics, dolls and tea towels she makes now are actually far too beautiful to be used…

What do you like about working with textiles?
“I’ve been working with fabrics since I was a child. I used to sit behind my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine and make clothes for my dolls. So working with textiles is a natural thing for me to do. What’s more, I love drawing so by printing fabrics, I’m combining these two passions of mine.”

Which other textile artists do you admire?
“Lotta Jansdotter, because of her simple designs and use of material and color, but also because of her enthusiasm for textiles. She really knows how to portray that well in interviews and through her books.”

On your website, you can see that you’ve been featured in a Japanese interior book. How did that come about?
“The authors of the book contacted me via my blog and came to shoot my home and interview me for a feature for a Japanese magazine. Then came the idea for a book about the interiors of Dutch creatives, including those of Tas-ka, Bybjor, Caroline Ellerbeck and my place.”

And how is it going with your web shop?
“I started the web shop in 2007 and sales have been going particularly well over the past year thanks to the publicity I’ve been getting online. My clients are mainly from Australia, America and France.”

Mikodesign.nl and Etsy.com/shop/mikodesign