All the luck in the world

Jane has been a well-known blogger in the interior and styling world for a while. Now she is running a web shop and two brick-and-mortar shops that offer jewelry, home decoration articles, new and vintage design products, and handmade items.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
“We are a mother-and-daughter team, Jane and Nina. Jane is a graphic designer and Nina is a goldsmith. Jane is always looking for new treasures and primarily works on sourcing products and styling the shops. Nina designs and makes our jewelry line and also takes care of the business side and personnel.”

How did you get started?
Jane: “A few years ago I was running a web shop and a sort of showroom in my sister’s house. When she moved, we stopped the showroom activities, but continued the web shop, with a range of vintage and handmade products. When Nina got her goldsmith’s degree two years ago we happened to run into a great location in Amsterdam. We were offered a temporary rental contract and leaped at the opportunity. After six months it was going so well that we took over a larger place. And now we also have a shop in Utrecht, specializing in jewelry and gift items. The web shop is all about the newest items and for unique products people can visit the brick-and-mortar shops.”

How did you decide to work together as a mother-and-daughter team?
Jane; “For us it was only natural to work together as we both like the same things. My other daughter Robin has a very good job somewhere else, but she often pitches in too, with ideas and help. Working together goes really well, because we all take care of our own part of the business and stay out of each other’s way.”

What are your dreams?
“We have so many dreams. Especially Nina dreams of traveling a lot, and having her very own collection produced some day. But right now we are just so happy with all the dreams that have already come true!