Preview Flow Journal – How to slow down

Flow Journal is a notebook with lists to fill in, lovely inspirational quotes, mini posters, drawing tutorials, nature facts, and solutions to everyday problems. The little book also has blank pages for your own notes, shopping lists, doodles and sketches. It fits into your bag easily, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. 

The Flow Journal Pack is a set of four notebooks. Each Journal has its own theme: A New Beginning, How to Slow Down, The Joy of Making Lists & Homemade Happiness. This week: A preview of How to Slow Down.

Slowly Does It
“Slow is sometimes confused with lazy, but I have a great appreciation for ‘slowly does it,’” says author Miek Zwamborn in an interview in the Dutch publication Vrij Nederland. “I think that you can slow many things down. Dwell on what you do or see, and don’t always add another layer or the latest discovery on top. All those layers stop you from knowing what’s underneath. I’m trying ‘slowly does it’ in my life: I write letters, I stroll and my gaze lingers. Some people get annoyed when I don’t answer their text messages straight away. I’m saving up things to write back. But sometimes it’s good when someone says to me, ‘It must be finished by tomorrow.’”

The Flow Journal Pack costs €11,95 and is available in our web shop.