Preview Flow Journal – A New Beginning

Flow Journal is a notebook with lists to fill in, lovely inspirational quotes, mini posters, drawing tutorials, nature facts, and solutions to everyday problems. The little book also has blank pages for your own notes, shopping lists, doodles and sketches. It fits into your bag easily, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. 

The Flow Journal Pack is a set of four notebooks. Each Journal has its own theme: A New Beginning, How to Slow Down, The Joy of Making Lists & Homemade Happiness. This week: A preview of A New Beginning.

Fear of the Unknown
Tackling something new means letting something else go. But we’d rather not do that, according to clinical psychologist Barry Lubetkin. It doesn’t feel good to end something familiar. The ultimate end is, of course, death, but even the end of a great party or a bad relationship can arouse uncomfortable feelings. It’s exciting (often nerve-racking) to set off on a new path, because you don’t know what to expect. It’s a complicated dilemma: the familiar way feels safer than the unknown terrain, but the unknown can possibly lead to a better life. Lubetkin’s advice: “Try to accept those uncomfortable feelings when a new start makes you feel nervous. You’ll see that those feelings will fade away by themselves. Emotions come and go like waves. They begin small, build up to breaking point and when they’re totally done, they disappear again.”

The Flow Journal Pack costs € 11,95 and is available in our web shop.