Preview Flow Journal – The Joy of Making Lists

Flow Journal is a notebook with lists to fill in, lovely inspirational quotes, mini posters, drawing tutorials, nature facts, and solutions to everyday problems. The little book also has blank pages for your own notes, shopping lists, doodles and sketches. It fits into your bag easily, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. 

The Flow Journal Pack is a set of four notebooks. Each Journal has its own theme: A New Beginning, How to Slow Down, The Joy of Making Lists & Homemade Happiness. This week: A preview of The Joy of Making Lists.

Peace of Mind
Suppose you have to write an important e-mail. Or you want to send a card to a friend. But right now you have no time for that. Even if you’re the forgetful type, chances are that this task will stay on your mind all day. “We often have many different projects on our plate,” says professional organizer Els Jacobs. “Work, family, home, social activities. A mix of big and small tasks that we mustn’t forget. Your mind gets overcrowded. With a to-do list, you avoid forgetting something. And what you write down, you can then let go. That’s why it’s the best way to create peace of mind.”

The Flow Journal Pack costs €11,95 and is available in our web shop.