Flow issue 32 is here!

The new issue of Flow Magazine is here! And just to pique your curiosity, we’ve listed a few of things you’ll find inside Issue 32.

  • My body is a temple
    The way we view our own body has a great effect on our health and happiness. Journalist Otje van der Lelij explores the various influences at play.
  • Come fly to me
    Journalist Jeannette Jonker describes the joy birds bring her as they flit into her daily urban life.
  • Wish you drew here
    What do illustrators draw when they are on vacation? We take a look in the sketchbooks of five Flow contributors.
  • When less gives more
    Journalist Maaike Helmer describes how the Japanese concept of ma has helped her on her path to inner peace.
  • And furthermore: British professor Edith Hall believes that happiness is not a given and that we need to work on it every day; journalist Anneke Bots finds out what it’s like to live without WhatsApp, mindful fill-in pages to help you be in the here and now, and much, much more.
  • Paper extras: mini-posters of old Flow covers and a mini-course notebook for living life with more focus.

Issue 32 is now available in selected bookstores and in our shop.

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