Eva & Anne

The perfect pattern. This is what Eva and Anne search for every day – with great pleasure – and once they find one, they use it make the most beautiful things for their shop.

Can you tell us more about yourself? 
Eva: “I have a creative background. After completing various creative studies, I started working as a freelance photographer. I quickly realized I wanted to be more. Now I have 15 jobs in one: I work on all angles, from concept to design to product, branding, styling and photography. This suits me really well. I also am the mother of a two-year-old son. A challenging combination when your business is growing. Now I understand why these are considered such exhausting years.”

Anne “After my legal studies, I worked in various positions within the justice department. Very worthwhile and interesting work, but, in the end, too much time spent with my nose stuck in files. I decided to follow my dream by starting Eva & Anne. Also, I am the mother of a three-year-old daughter and fully agree with Eva: It’s a challenge!”

What’s so fun about designing patterns?

“Our search for the perfect pattern is a continual challenge. The hardest thing is managing to stay patient. The pressure to have a new product and the design process of the pattern are often at odds with each other. The perfect pattern never just appears easily. It involves extensive study and many roads that don’t seem to go anywhere. The best part is that, ultimately, there’s always a eureka moment at a certain point. That moment when you know you’ve got it. And then you can play with your own patterns on products, using a range of different color themes.”

What have you learnt from running a web shop?

“In the beginning our enthusiasm made us act a bit impatiently. We’d want to move too fast or we felt we should be hard at work for our business, every single moment. We really had to learn to stay calm and give things time. But more than anything, we feel very proud and every week there is a new adventure!”