Slow News Day in Italy

slow news day

Exciting news for our Italian fans! On October 19, 2019, Flow’s creative director Irene Smit will be attending a Slow News Day event in Milan, where she will be speaking about new ways of thinking about journalism.

This will be the first edition of Slow News Day. The goal is to bring attention to slow journalism and slow news. It is an ode to the background stories, the in-depth point of view, and the stories you normally don’t hear. Because in today’s world of journalism, it’s all about being the first and the fastest. But why can’t we slow the news down?

Slow News Day is an initiative by Italian news organizations Irene has been invited to talk about Flow and the way we handle news. But there will be lots of other interesting guests, such as Helen Boaden, the former head of BBC News, and Giovanni Zagni, director of the newspaper Pagella Politica.

  • Click here for more information, to see the full program and to order tickets.

Photography Inés Castellano/