Workshop with Allison Cole

For the Flow Paper Event on October 9 at the Barnes & Noble store in New York, we’ll be teaming up with artist Allison Cole. Allison will hold a paper craft workshop, where you’ll be able create your own patterns. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, then pop by and have a go, as the Flow Paper Event is free.

We got to know Allison via Lilla Rogers Studio, an illustration agency that represents many great illustrators (like Suzy Ultman and Carolyn Gavin), and that we often work with. Allison shares our passion for paper and, as well as her illustration work, she loves to share her experiences with others. Not only does she frequently hold workshops, she also teaches at the Art Academy.

On her blog, Allison talks about how she spends her days illustrating, drawing and making prints in a small bungalow in Rhode Island. She lives there with her husband, son and two cats, who frequently appear in her illustrations. The bulk of her work begins as an ink drawing and is completed on the computer. Allison says she is inspired by the numerous photos she takes and the thrift shops she visits. Retro prints and fonts are particular favorites of hers. And so we’re very curious about what kind of fun things she has in store for us at the Flow Paper Event.

During the workshop on October 9, Allison will explain how to make patterns, and then you’ll be free to get to work on creating your own with stamps and colored paper. Astrid & Irene will also be there and will give a talk on the power of paper. The event starts at 4.15 p.m. and will take place at the Barnes & Noble store at the Upper East Side, New York.