The beauty of nature

As Flow’s Online Editor, Jeannette Jonker hears, reads and sees the nicest of things—both online and offline. But which ones stand out and are worth our attention? Here, she shares her favorite topics, insights and tips.

I rarely watch videos that have been shared on social media—even if they’ve been shared by my bestest of friends. I suppose it’s because—more often than not—I don’t find them very interesting, I have very little patience for them, and I quickly feel like they’re a waste of my time. (And if you’re wondering how the hell someone who dislikes moving pictures has managed to become Flow’s Online Editor, let me just say this: I love text, still images and audio.) But regardless of my dislike for videos, I recently came across More than just parks by Will and Jim Pattiz. The two brothers make short films about the National Parks that they have visited in America, and share these little nuggets on their website and via social media. The imagery is so beautiful and sharp that you truly feel like you’re there, walking around the parks yourself. I’m so taken by them that I believe they may well have changed my mind about online videos.

Seeing these films has reminded me of the nature documentaries by explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau that I used to watch with such gusto. It’s images like these that make you feel serene, dreamy and up for an adventure. Of course, it helps that I have visited a number of parks myself, and that memories of impressive hikes there come flooding back. But even if you’ve never been to America, you can easily appreciate these beautiful images of nature.

So, I may not watch videos that have been shared online, but it won’t stop me from sharing one myself. Here’s a film about Redwood National Park, but there’s many more to discover on the More than just parks website.

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