Wolf Magazine

Ever since we started making Flow, we’ve been contacted by men asking if we would make a version for them as they really relate to the topics we cover. Naturally, we find that a great compliment and have regularly thought about how a ‘man’s issue’ would look and what it would feature. But we never got round to actually producing one because—yup, you guessed it—we’ve never had time! But our German colleagues were so enthusiastic about the idea that they jumped at the chance. And so, taa-daaa! Here he is. Meet our male Flow: Wolf. Granted, it’s only in German at the moment, but it’s full of wonderful features like, for example, the opening story about what really matters in life, or the piece about a guy who returns to Seattle, the city where he once lived with his great love. The relationship failed and he went back to Germany, but he kept thinking about her and the city where he had been so happy. So, he went back. And went in search of his ex…

The German team has also created some great paper goodies that Flow is so well known for. They opted for a story in booklet form and a Quartet game of cards featuring cars. But not just any old cars. Designed by Jesus Prudencio, these cards feature cars from well-known movies.

On Facebook, the German team describe Wolf so nicely: ‘Our magazine is aimed at men who ask questions, at cross-thinkers, at men who want less haste and more out of life. With Wolf, we not only want to inform, we want to inspire. It’s a magazine that takes its foot off the gas and stops to look at the moment.’

Is your curiosity piqued? Go to the Wolf Magazin Facebook page, and take a sneak peek inside the magazine. There’s also a Wolf playlist on Spotify: WOLFMAGtunes.

Wolf is a special made by Flow Germany and currently not available in Dutch, French or English. However, should you wish to order this German edition, you can do so via our web shop.