Watercolor art

Watercolor has a mind of its own, you can’t control it. Sometimes the colors flow into each other and so the result is always a little different than you might expected. In Issue 17, you can read an article about it. In this blog we talk about watercolors and the art of letting go.

Is it hard to paint with watercolor? Yes and no. Yes, because it requires a lot of practice to work with the paint, and you can’t paint over anything you don’t like. But even working with dots and dabs can be quite nice with watercolor. And if you don’t mind your painting not turning out exactly as you wanted – if you can just embrace that – then you will quickly start to enjoy it. This is why painting with watercolors is actually a perfect exercise in letting go.

  • You can read the article in issue 17, which is available in our shop.
  • Illustrator Polly Fern made these bird stamps. You can read a small interview with her in this blog.

Text Chris Muyres Illustration bird stamps Polly Fern