Two films about body positivity

body positivity

Do you want to learn more about body image, and how you can learn to love your body more? These two films can inspire and help.


A lot of women aren’t happy with their bodies. They don’t feel good enough because their shape doesn’t match some unattainable ideal. “Lose weight, eliminate wrinkles, fight cellulite. We’re constantly forced to become someone else,” says Taryn Brumfitt, the Australian founder of The Body Image Movement. With her documentary, ‘Embrace‘, she hopes to contribute to a more positive body image in women.

Suddenly, my body

American poet, feminist and activist Eve Ensler always lived in her head. In a poetic speech for TEDWomen, she talks about the distance she always felt to her body, and how her work in the Congo and her illness helped her to get in touch again with reality and the embodiment of being human.

  • In Issue 32, journalist Otje van der Lelij discovers how she can look at her body in a different way so she can love it again.

Text Otje van der LelijĀ  Photography Daiga Ellaby/