The travel story of Theron & Maddie


For four years, American photographer Theron Humphrey traveled across the US with only his dog, Maddie, as a companion.

During all those years on the road, Humphrey started to realize that he was actually on the run. Running away from his youth, a time during which he suffered physical abuse. Subconsciously, the decision to get a dog was the first step toward his recovery. Maddie turned out to be a stable, trustworthy and constant companion that gave unconditional love—exactly what Humphrey needed to dare to live his life to the fullest again.

Maddie ultimately became the subject of one of Humphrey’s photo projects. On their travels, when he wasn’t working but did have his camera with him, Humphrey would take photos of her. It resulted in a series of funny photos, some of which appear rather staged: Maddie shown on the roof of a Volkswagen van, on a bicycle, in bed wrapped in a comforter, on a horse, on the kitchen counter, in the sink, or stretched out on the couch.

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Something to behold

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Morning rituals ☕️ making coffee and Maddie is always close by in case a treat or crumb situation happens. . I frequently get DMs sent my way asking about my camping rig and how I do it all, it’s really nothing fancy or complicated, it’s more having the spirit to embrace the uncertain and believing it’s all worth seeing. I adore finding spots that aren’t famous or the most epic, most of the time I’m drawn to all those green splotches on maps and forest service roads. . My camper is from 1988 and cost $3500, it’s seen many miles and it’s charmingly dated but everything works and it was cheap. I replaced the fridge with a modern efficient DC one ($800) and added solar ($2000). The company still makes these campers brand new in California, but honestly I can ‘t recommend them at all new…they are not quality enough @ $20,000 – $40,000!! But if you find one cheap used? Yes all day! . My truck was $25,000 all in with the mods and repairs. So from the D60 solid front axle swap to lockers and air compressor and etc. The price was higher because it’s a 7.3 turbo diesel. Why diesel? Cause truck! And I always wanted one! I get 15mpg on 35” tires. 4×4 was a necessity for me and the places I love to explore, if you look at Sprinter 4×4 van prices this setup will look budget 😊 If you’re looking to spend less on a truck Chevy 2500HD with a gas 5.3 or 6.0L would be a great budget choice too. . While I’m away from Nashville I have my casa on Airbnb and that covers the mortgage. Out on the road I’m often shooting commercial photo jobs, I’m deeply grateful I get hired to create content for brands. That keeps us fed and the gas tank full. . Some days it feels like a strange life and then others it truly feels like I’m living the dream ❤️

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Text Alice van Essen  Photography Theron Humphrey @thiswildidea

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