Tiny Cooking

Remember those childhood days when you concocted petal soup, and grass and mud bread with your friends in the toy kitchen at home or playschool? Or when you fashioned cookies and cakes out of clay or Play-Doh and served them to your parents with pride? If you enjoyed doing that, then you’ll love the adult version. Following in the popular footsteps of tiny houses, this trend has emerged from—where else—Japan, and is rapidly gathering a fervent fan base around the world.

The edible miniature foods are prepared and cooked using mini utensils which are just like their everyday counterparts, from a tiny (but still super sharp) knife, to a teeny wok or pan. You even have to use a special mini cooker (set in a mini kitchen if you want) that is powered by a candle, and can serve the meal on teensy crockery on a weeny table.

But if you find that all too fiddly and would rather just watch the whole process instead (over a normal-sized cup of tea), you can do so on the many YouTube channels such as Miniature Space and Bistro Miniature, a video from which we have served up for you here. Enjoy!

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