Three tasters

At Flow, we love spending our days making interesting and beautiful creations for you. This week alone, you’ll find three different editions of Flow in store and online. Here’s an overview:

* The leading article in issue 9 of Flow International is “Play Forever” and includes colorful illustrations by Ruby Taylor.
Here’s an excerpt: “My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.” Nevertheless, we do play less as we get older. Journalist and psychologist Otje van der Lelij explorers why that is, and discovers how important it is to play throughout our whole lives.

A waste of time?
When we were kids, we didn’t need anyone to tell us how to play. We tried out stuff to see if we liked it, or would learn a new game from a friend. But as we get older, we tend to lose that sense of spontaneity. Playing is viewed as immature, nonproductive and, worse, a waste of time. First you must get your work done─only then may you play. But because we are seldom done with our work, playing often goes hand in hand with a stubborn sense of guilt that we should be doing something more useful.

You can read the whole article in Flow Issue 9.

You can also find this illustration in the “Inspiration” drawer of our Download Cabinet.

* Issue 3 of the Dutch edition of Flow is full of interesting features to read, as well as lots of beautiful things to look at, like this “How to …” on plant cuttings, illustrated by Ruby Taylor.

You can also find this in the “How To” drawer of our (Dutch) Download Cabinet.

* Each Flow Weekly includes a planner and to-do lists for you to fill in for the week ahead, as well as blank pages for thoughts, ideas, notes, dreams, wishes and plans. Flow Weekly # 17 has the theme “Discover what you really want” including also the poster ‘The Joy of Camping’ of illustrator Dick Vincent.

(Please note: Flow Weekly is currently only available in Dutch, but we hope that won’t deter you from getting one and enjoying all the lovely things inside!)