The Pictures of Amy

Each month, we invite a creative to be our guest pinner and to collate and share images they like on our Friends of Flow Pinterest board. It is absolutely wonderful to continually be surprised and discover so many different styles and new photos and illustrations. In July, it was the turn of Valerie McKeehan to share the images that she found inspiring; thank you Valerie for the beautiful collection! In August, illustrator Amy van Luijk will be delighting us with her (online) finds. 

Living in Bristol, UK, Amy van Luijk originally comes from New Zealand and, as a child, lived in the Netherlands. “When I was little, I was mad about drawing and crafting. Even now, I’ll still begin a project with cutting and pasting coloured paper. I always leave a trail of paper behind me, wherever I go 😉 It’s the same for my illustrations: after cutting and pasting the shapes, I paint and draw smaller parts with pen and ink.” Amy illustrates and designs fabrics, book covers, stationery and you will also come across her work regularly in Flow.

  • You can follow Amy’s Friends of Flow Pinterest board here. If you’d like to see more from Amy, you can do so on her website and via Instagram.
  • To see what Valerie shared in July, visit her board here.
  • Amy van Luijk also collaborated with us on the Flow Big Book of Drawing, which will be available in stores and via our web shop as of August 8.