The ceramics of Pauline Wolstencroft

Pauline Wolstencroft

Pauline Wolstencroft is a ceramicist and librarian from Los Angeles, US. In Issue 32, she tells us a bit more about her life and work.

What are you up to?

“I’m working on some newer, bigger wall pieces. They are slab-built landscapes that almost look like paintings, but they’re made of ceramic. I work on this project if I have a stretch of time without any orders from my website. It’s hard to do both at the same time as ceramics is such a time-consuming process.”

What appeals to you about ceramics?

“I used to paint, and it bothered me that a painting is just decorative. When I started with ceramics, it felt so good to make functional objects that were both useful and decorative. The material is also appealing to me. It forces me to be more patient with myself and to take more time.”

How would you describe your work?

“My background is in graphic design, but I am somewhere in between the design world and fine arts. I have more of a painter’s eye, but the way I create is more design-focused. I am really drawn to colors. I am not as passionate about the forms or shapes of the pieces as I am about decorating them. A lot of my work is based on landscapes. Some designs are based on the coastline of California and the surrounding mountains. Others are just imaginary landscapes.”

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