The beauty beneath

sebastian erras

Beauty surrounds us more than we sometimes think—we just need to develop the eye to see it. German photographer Sebastian Erras has found beauty in mosaic floors all over the world.

“I’ve become a huge fan of mosaics. The patterns and complex designs, the colors: it’s so impressive when you think how much attention and patience went into making them. Tiny stones measuring two-by-two centimeters, which are put together to create a 
ten-by-ten-centimeter tile—if you ask me, these are true works of art. And to think that most people don’t even see them, particularly in this day and age. They walk down the street, looking at their phones and not what they’re walking on. In the Palais Garnier in Paris for example, I see tourists only looking up, at the walls and ceilings, completely captivated by all that gold. Hardly anyone looks at the gorgeous floor.

This is often the case; we don’t see what’s closest. Many Parisians often do know that there’s a beautiful floor in the building they live in. However, they don’t have the faintest idea that the most beautiful mosaics and tiles may be found all over their streets and neighborhoods. I hope that my project helps teach people to appreciate something in their own daily lives that they never paid attention to before; that they sometimes stop to see something in their immediate environment.”

  • See more beautiful photos of mosaic floors on Sebastians Instagram, @parisianfloors.
  • Read the full interview with Sebastian Erras in Issue 30.

Text Chris Muyres  Photography Sebastian Erras/@parisianfloors

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