Starting with yoga

Fancy taking up yoga? We asked yoga teacher and Flow colleague Vanessa van de Weerd to tell us a bit more about the practice and what she likes so much about it. She also gives three tips for anyone who wants to get started.

Can you briefly explain what yoga entails?
“Yoga means unity, ‘to unite’. Nowadays, yoga is primarily a physical workout that leaves us feeling relaxed and fit after a lesson. But it’s so much more than that. The ultimate goal is to unite your body and mind through exercises, meditation and breathing. The unrest you feel in your mind disappears into the background and you feel vitalized and focused. In balance.”

What do you like about yoga?
“Yoga is for everyone. There are no written rules and no prerequisites, such as having to be limber, strong, slim, young, old, spiritually illuminated, etc. No; yoga welcomes everyone to its mat. And with so many different types of yoga on offer, there is something for everyone and you’ll find a yoga that’s right for you.”

What tips do you have for people wanting to start yoga?

  1. “Try to enter the practice with an open mind.”
  2. “Don’t be distracted by the other people in the class and do not compare yourself with others. Everyone is doing their best.”
  3. “Enjoy it. Whatever you do, you can never do it wrong.”
  • Do you like to read more about yoga? There is an article in Issue 12 about yin yoga.

Photo Nanda Hagenaars