Anisa Pins

A big thanks to Marlis from Letterhand!

During the month of September, Marlis pinned special photos, illustrations and – of course – lots of typography on our Friends of Flow Pinterest board. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful images. You can admire Marlis’ guest appearance here.

For October, Anisa Makhoul shall be taking over from Marlis. What’s extra special is that you can find Anisa’s illustrations in our Mindfulness Workbook special, and you’ll probably recognize her work from previous editions of Flow, too. Anisa has also written about her work and personal life on our blog in the past (which you can read here).

Cheerful walls in Portland
Anisa has just completed a lovely project in which she created a design for a large mural (see illustration above) that will soon be seen on the streets of Portland. Aside from that, Anisa has been working on a number of other projects that are all “top secret, but what I will say is that I’m toiling away at a dream job for an international candy company. It’s so much fun, I feel like someone should pinch me!”

If you’re curious as to what pins Anisa will share with us, follow our board on Pinterest, which you’ll find here.