Pins from Gemma

Each month we invite a guest pinner to compile and share a collection of images on our Friends of Flow Pinterest page. In March, Sarah Walsh delighted us with a colorful collection of pins. Thank you Sarah! Now she hands the baton over to Gemma Koomen, an illustrator from England. You may have come across Gemma’s work in Flow, and if you haven’t then make sure you check it out in our forthcoming special, Flow Love & Life (available late April) as she illustrated the Friendship Booklet extra that’s inside. Gemma likes working with gouache, ink and sometimes colored pencil. Her love for illustrating took root at an early age, as she spent her childhood days drawing away and creating fantasy worlds. When it comes to inspiration, Gemma finds it in nature, and she also loves to spend her time walking, drinking tea in the sun and chatting with her daughters.

  • If you’d like to see more of Gemma’s work, you can do so on her website and Instagram account.
  • Follow Gemma’s pins on our Friends of Flow board here.
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