Ode to imbalance

A balanced life seems like the most desirable objective of our times. But will it really make us any happier? In issue 13 journalist Otje van der Lelij doubts it, and calls for a little more upheaval. You can read a preview of the article below.

I am constantly telling myself: “As of now, I am going to strive for more balance in my life. As soon as this one thing is sorted, then life will be a bit quieter and there will be more of a balance.” But once I reach that point, and my batteries are recharged, I get hungry for new challenges again. I want to upset the applecart. My head is bursting with ideas; I enthusiastically agree to time consuming assignments and I blindly rush into the craziest of adventures. Boom, the calm is broken; the balance is upset. The same thing happened when I moved to the small village where I live now. When I lived in the city, I longed for a little house surrounded by greenery, but now that I’m here, I take every opportunity I can get to go back to the hectic metropolitan center. I love the change of scenery from the peaceful outdoors to urban vivacity, and would hate to have a stable, balanced life that just moseys along and nothing ever happens. So why is everyone always in search of this balance? Isn’t chaos just a part of life? And is it even possible to always be in balance?

You can read more about imbalance in issue 13.

Text Otje van der Lelij Photography Getty Images