Ode to handwriting

Journalist Catelijne Elzes is a big fan of handwriting. Not only is it fun, it’s also a way to feel calmer and more creative. We share an excerpt of the feature ‘Ode to Handwriting’ below.

Doing things with your hands, like repotting plants or drawing, puts you in the moment. Your mind is totally busy with the thing you’re working on in the here and now. Writing can also work like that. It gives your mind focus. You concentrate on what you are relating and, if you write by hand, on the shape of the letters. This often has a calming effect.
Of course, every once in a while you can feel impatient if your pen can’t keep up with your thoughts. When that happens, it helps if you really slow down, relax your hand and feel the paper through the tip of your pen. Ground yourself again.

  • You can find the article ‘Ode to Handwriting’ in Issue 18.
  • We also wrote a blog about our love for letters.

Text Catelijne Elzes Illustrations Getty Images