Flow Coloring Book

The Flow Coloring Book is now available in stores and online via the Flow web shop. For this book, we got together with Canadian illustrators Helen Dardik and Carolyn Gavin, whose drawings are normally bursting with colors. As well as making the beautiful illustrations for this book, Helen and Carolyn also created some projects for us and provided insider tips, like how to draw a simple bird, for example, or how to create a pattern. Because the two live in Canada, most of our discussions about the book took place via e-mails, phone and Skype. We were really conscious of the fact that part of our team was on the other side of the world; when Carolyn and Helen were just getting started and enjoying their first cup of coffee, we’d be wrapping up our day and almost heading home. But experiencing that time difference via Skype just added to the fun, as we could still see each other and talk ‘face to face’ – just as if we were sitting in the same room together.

(Above): There’s Carolyn Gavin, in the little screen on the right, talking to us during a Skype conversation, while showing us one of her pictures to see what we thought of it for the coloring book (which we loved and included). Helen and Carolyn also made a number of ‘unfinished doodles’ for you to complete in the book. These were first sent through via WeTransfer to us and once we received them, we got busy with our paints and colored pencils to test them out (because quality control like that is such a lovely task to have to do in between our daily computer work!)



Thanks to modern technology, therefore, we have been able to create this book so smoothly with illustrators from the other side of the world. We are delighted with how it came out. You can find it in the Flow web shop, where you are also able to flick through its pages digitally.

And once you’re done coloring, you might want to show us what you’ve created at #flowcoloringbook. We’d love to see the end results, if you feel like sharing.


Helen Dardik’s blog: Orangeyoulucky.blogspot.nl en Instagram.com/helen_dardik

Carolyn Gavin’s blog: Designerjots.squarespace.com  en Instagram.com/carolynj



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  1. I just bought this book and I LOVE it! The designs are pretty, unique, and provide lots of ‘white space’ in which to colour. There is a good range of simple drawings and ones with small detail. I love that there are some pages left blank for us to doodle on, as well at the drawings to complete. I’d love it if the pages were perforated so we could easily rip them out when we’re finished to gift to friends 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next one to come out.

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