Mini picture book

This week, in the Dutch edition of Flow: a mini picture book by artist and illustrator Blexbolex, featuring a collection of illustrations from his books, People and Seasons. Blexbolex’s drawings may appear quite simple, but the prints cause you to stop and think, so as you browse through the pages of his book, it’s as if you’re experiencing a daydream. A daydream about the seasons, new circumstances and fleeting moments of happiness.

Blexbolex says that his inspiration simply comes from the street. “I draw what I see when I go out to buy cigarettes; the unwritten rules between people, generational issues, it could be anything. I draw what I see, I do not necessarily want to convey a special message or make people look at things differently. Though I do hope that children look at things around them carefully and with an open mind for as long as possible. At the end of the day, my books are, in fact, intended for them.”

The first issue of the Dutch Flow for 2015 is available in stores (in the Netherlands) and from our web shop as of January 14, and is available for pre-order now. Even though the issue is in Dutch, we know our International readers will enjoy Blexbolex’s mini book as much as we do.