Magazine of the Year

Hooray! Flow has been awarded the Mercurs “Magazine of the Year” 2014 award. The Mercurs are the Oscars of the Dutch magazine world. Year after year, we were nominated, but we never quite managed to win. But that’s okay, as it was always a great excuse to don our dresses and heels, and sip champagne with the other magazine makers. This year, however, the evening was just that extra bit better! Come and have a look behind the scenes with us.

The excitement is just too much. Which one of us is going to be “Magazine of the Year?”

Look how happy we are!

Being interviewed about how it all started.

Joyce on the left, Frederike of Studio 100% on the right, the Flow designers, and – in the center – managing editor Jocelyn.

The day after: still enjoying the festivities of the previous evening at the breakfast table.