The luxury of real experiences

Being able to do and learn almost anything online initially seemed ideal, but now the novelty is starting to wear off and things don’t feel quite right. In issue 16, Jocelyn de Kwant looks into why that is. You can read an insight from the article in this blog. 

Having a chat with the greengrocer
It turns out our easy digital life is less satisfying than real life. This is not only because it’s a one-dimensional experience, but also because it’s lacking an element that really brings us happiness: human contact. We have plenty of virtual contact moments; we are socializing all day long. But no matter how many messages you send and receive on your phone or how much time you spend on Facebook keeping up to date with everything that’s going on, it doesn’t create much happiness. When virtual contact starts replacing real contact, it even makes us less happy.

You can find the article The luxury of real experiences in issue 16, which is available in our shop.

Text: Joycelyn de Kwant Photography: Hanke Arkenbout