Lifting our spirits

The great thing about the Internet is that you sometimes come across some truly wonderful things. Here are three initiatives we found that lifted our spirits and that we want to share with you:

Loes Veenstra’s knitwear collection by Chris Meindertsma:

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Loes Veenstra from Rotterdam is addicted to knitting, and has clicked away on her needles almost incessantly since 1955. She’s been producing sweaters faster than she can give them away, which has resulted in a house full of unworn, homemade knitwear. The film is reminiscent of a flashmob and features Loes’ neighbors, all of whom are wearing one of her hand-knitted creations.

Bottle cap home

This lady from Siberia has found a way to decorate her simple rural home – with an interesting twist. The outside walls have been livened up with a range of colorful mosaics, made from more than 30,000 plastic bottle caps. Isn’t it magnificent? Read the whole article here.

Flowers for another

Every time Anne Zwartbol (25) buys flowers, she takes one bunch for herself and another that she then gives away to a complete stranger. Why? Simply because she likes to meet people, and is happy doing something for others without expecting anything in return. You can see more of Anne’s encounters on her website (Dutch only).