Isn’t it beautiful, what illustrators do with letters on their blogs? We chose a few of our favorite designs and discussed them with some true lovers of letters. Below you can see one of the images we selected for issue 13.

In the ‘Letterlove’ article we show you special letter artworks. Like the letters from Sabeena Karnik. She lives in Mumbai, where she makes letters and words from thin strips of paper—at first just for herself, but now for clients all over the world. I really love paper. The fact that I can combine typography—my first love—with paper is just a dream. Colored paper works so beautifully on a white background, it really boosts the characters.

Londoner Charlotte Trounce sees movement in each letter.

One-Letter-a-Day project
For issue 13 we’ve made a little letter booklet that you can use to practice your own handlettering skills. We asked hand-lettering artists Marlis (Letterhand) and Viktor (Chalkboard) to create 30 inspiring exercises for you, so that you can practice in a sketchbook, a notebook or on a blackboard. Throughout the 30 days, Marlis and Viktor talk about drawing letters and give you their best tips, such as how to keep your fingers relaxed, or how to draw straight lines.

You can read more about letterlove in issue 13.