Issue 9

Hot off the press: Flow International issue 9. This issue of Flow’s English-language edition includes, among others, the following features:
* Keep on Playing. A look into why we should keep a sense of playfulness in our life – even as an adult
* The Art of Receiving. We explore why receiving is hard, and how to get good at it
* DIY: Fill-in lists for your dreams
* Recipes: Rachel Khoo takes us inside her Little French Kitchen
* Ode to the Notebook
* The Beauty of Bathing. This age-old pleasure depicted in inspiring images


* An envelope with poetry pictures, created by artists such as Geertje Aalders and Nathalie Lété. The above illustrations are by Annemoon van Steen, and you’ll also find these in our (English) Download Cabinet (in the Stickers drawer).
* The first English Flow Weekly, with the theme “What You Get When You Give”

Managing editor Caroline Buijs, says: “Flow Weekly is a mix between a notebook and a magazine. There’s a different theme every week, and inside you’ll find a weekly planner, lovely insights, beautiful quotes, blank pages to write and draw in, lots of beautiful illustrations, coloring pages and drawing lessons. We hear that, thanks to Flow Weekly, readers have started to write. It may not be a novel or a complete diary, but a few times a week they take the time to sit down and commit their thoughts to paper. And the paper used in Flow Weekly is so nice to draw and paint on, too. Lots of people also send Flow Weekly as snail mail: either in its entirety to surprise a friend, or they cut it up completely to create their own post. You can see how readers hang their mini-posters on Instagram at #flowweekly. Which we do ourselves often too, by the way.”