Instagram Inspiration

It’s a wonderful place, the little island known as Instagram, in this choppy sea of social media. For a while all was in a bit of an uproar, when there was some confusion about the rights to the pictures, but that’s been resolved now. And Instagram is once again a place where people share beautiful pictures: of things they made (see #crafting or #knitting or #drawing); unexpected beauty such as raindrops in the street (#raindrops), of beautiful mail they sent (#snailmail) and so on. Instagram is perfect for creative people, because it’s not about what you’re saying (Twitter) or all the fun you’ve been having with your friends (Facebook), but basically about the beautiful things you see or make. And you can go and take a picture of it with a nice filter. It’s also great for personal use of course. But if you open up your account to everybody, you might just find yourself linked to someone in Australia who also likes watercolors. Or an American lady who adores digging through car boot sales for vintage treasure. Or a Danish girl who loves snail mail. Of to us: flow_magazine. Posted by: Jocelyn