Ingrid Bergman Documentary

In Her Own Words is a documentary about the eventful life of actress Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982). Jolanda Dreijklufft, managing editor of Dutch Flow, saw the movie at IDFA (the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), and says: “I was fascinated by this documentary about Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. She worked with all the great directors and film stars of her time; she was married three times and had four children. Thanks to all the film clips, archival footage and personal films it is made up of, the documentary gives you a really good insight into both her public and her private lives. And what’s wonderful too is that, using excerpts from letters she wrote to friends, as well as through interviews with her four children, you hear different sides of her story. It’s a life story that gives you so much to think about. I was left with an immediate desire to read more about her and see all her movies.”

You’ll find a feature about the extraordinary life story of Ingrid Bergman in all our editions: Dutch Flow 3 (2014); International Flow 6; German Flow 5; and French Flow 6.