I’m not here right now

Sometimes it feels great to disappear off the radar for a while; just not be available. In Issue 10 Journalist Caroline Buijs discovers why it’s so important and also how difficult it is to achieve.

For me, the biggest obstacle to disappearing is my smartphone; it keeps me perpetually connected to the people around me. So, recently, I tried out two new things to work on my discipline: the first was to leave my phone at home when I went out for a morning walk in the park. It almost felt like I was going on an adventure and too bad for anyone who needed to reach me. I was only disappearing for a little while—not even three hours.
In the park I felt very light and cheerful, just being there, surrounded by green and, no, I couldn’t act on my impulse to take a picture and share it on Instagram. Actually, that was wonderful, because instead of taking a picture, I picked one of the flowers to dry at home. Later I glued it into my notebook, and made a sketch of the place where I had found the flower. It was such a beautiful way to remember the sunny morning in greenery, to capture that moment.

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