Hi Lisa!

American illustrator and artist Lisa Congdon creates the cutest things. We love her work and are delighted to be able to collaborate with her. Lisa designed a striking cover for Flow Weekly 2, and inside you’ll find her favorite Instagram-quote. What’s more, in Flow Weekly 1, you can copy the drawings of her Swedish mittens. Here’s a short interview…

How would you describe your work?
“My work is very modern, bold and usually very colorful. I am a painter, but I also draw and do pattern design.”

How did you make/produce the cover of Flow Weekly 2?
“This is a pattern I drew by hand with black ink on white paper and then made into a repeating motif using Photoshop.”

Was there something that inspired you for this illustration?
“I use the ‘arch’ shape repeatedly in my work (it’s one of my favorite shapes) and this pattern was simply a collection of arches. In fact, I call this pattern ‘arches.’ It’s like hundreds of tiny doorways leading somewhere imaginary.”

What do you like most about your work?
“There is nothing better than getting up to draw and paint every day! I am happiest when I am making art, so getting to do it for a living is really a dream for me. It never gets boring.”

Where do you work and how does your office/work space look like?
“I work in my studio. I am lucky because I have a large studio space, where I can do all kinds of things. I have a large wall that I use to paint large paintings. I have three tables for working – one for drawing and painting small pieces, one for my computer and scanner, and one for my sewing machine. I also have shelves with books and lots of the things I collect and use for inspiration around me.”

Flow Weekly 2 is now available to buy via our webshop.