Guest Pinner: Sarah Walsh

Each month, Flow invites a guest pinner to collate and share images they like on our Pinterest page. In February, we had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful things that Celinda Versluis had found. Thank you Celinda! And now we welcome Sarah Walsh, an illustrator from Kansas, US. Sarah has created several illustrations for Flow, including some that are in our Women of the World Coloring Book (the Extra with issue 16) and the front cover of one of our Dutch editions in 2015 (see below), which was a favorite among the editorial team.

The cover for our Dutch edition was full of plants. How did you come up with the idea? I’m addicted to buying plants, but sadly not so great at managing to keep them alive. Succulents are the easiest to take care of, but I’ve finally also got a fern that has lasted for more than six months. I love to draw faces on objects, you could even say that it’s kind of an obsession of mine, too. It brings everyday things to life.

What do you like about Pinterest? It’s such a great place to find so many beautiful images; I can spend hours making moodboards on it, which is not only handy, but also lots of fun. I also collect recipes and ideas for interiors. The possibilities are endless…

What kind of pins can we expect  from you in March? I’’ll be pinning lots of images of animals, illustrations I’ve recently made, ceramics, lots of fashion-related imagery, and illustrations from children’s books. And plants, of course. Anything that stimulates my imagination.

We can’t wait to see what Sarah has in store for us.

  • If you’d like to see Sarah’s work, you can do so on her website and Instagram account.
  • Visit Sarah’s Friends of Flow Pinterest page to see what she has pinned for us this month.
  • To find out what Celinda Versluis found and shared in February, take a look here.