New Guest Pinner

Each month, we invite a guest pinner to collate and share images with us on our Pinterest page. In December, Clairice Gifford delighted us with her finds; this month, it’s the turn of Mevrouw Knot. 

Milou Curvers – also (well) known as Mevrouw Knot – created the Flow One Question A Day Tear Calendar 2017 for us. She hand-lettered each of the questions inside, using ink, paper and brush. She often uses hand-lettering in her work: “For me, it’s a way of giving a project that personal touch,” she says. In 2017, she wants to focus more on creating personalized hand-lettered items, “like a special poem, a thank you note or card, or simply something that will give someone a little courage to do what they want.”

  • You can follow Mevrouw Knot this month on our Pinterest board.
  • Read Milou’s blog about working on the Flow One Question A Day Tear Calendar 2017.
  • If you want to see  the images that Clairice Gifford collated on our Friends of Flow Pinterest board in December, you can do so here.