Guest pinner: Celinda Versluis

Each month, we invite a different guest pinner to collate pictures they like, and share them on our Pinterest page. Hand-letter artist Mevrouw Knot filled our Friends of Flow board in January, and now she is handing over the reins to Celinda Versluis for this month. Thank you Mevrouw Knot, and welcome Celinda! 

Celinda Versluis is a designer and illustrator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. You may have seen her portrait series “Les Belles Dames”—inspired by the pictures of fin-de-siècle French gentlewomen—which she paints onto, for example, porcelain. You may also have come across her work in Flow Magazine, and you’ll find her illustrations in our Women of the World Coloring Book extra which is nestled in the pages of issue 16. Celinda tells us she is very excited about pinning for us this month: “My aim is to create a very special collage that is reflective of my work but that surprises every now and then too.”

  • You can find out more about Celinda and see her work on her website.
  • Follow Celinda on Instagram.
  • Check out the pictures Celinda is collating for us this month on our Pinterest page, here.
  • If you want to see the images that Mevrouw Knot found and shared, you can still do so on our January Friends of Flow Pinterest board.

Illustrations: Celinda Versluis