Gretchen Rubin

We’re excited that we had the opportunity to interview American author Gretchen Rubin for Flow Magazine. One rainy afternoon, on a city bus, Gretchen realized that “time is passing, and I’m not focusing enough on the things that really matter.” There and then she decided to dedicate a year to her own happiness project, which resulted in the # 1 New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project.

Although Gretchen was not unhappy (he has a loving husband, two kids and a writing career in New York City), she argued that she should be happier. So she spent a year on researching and achieving goals in different areas of life, such as love, work, parenting and friendship.
She dedicated one month to each area, and in May she focused on being playful.
We loved her following insights:
1. Find out what YOU find fun to do (and not what others think is fun)
2. Take some time to be silly once in a while (forget about work and to-do lists and find back your sense of humor)
3. Go off the path (stop worrying about being efficient, try doing unfamiliar things, reading new books)
4. Start a collection (a great excuse for going to little shops, flea markets and vintage stores)

You can read our interview with Gretchen Rubin in issue 13, which will be out on 19 April 2016.