Flow’s Rachel on making issue 38

We started planning Flow 38 way before the world went into virus lockdown, which meant that quite a few stories we had meant to include no longer felt right.

Managing editor Rachel Lancashire: “It’s not that those stories weren’t beautiful, true, well-written and insightful; it’s just that our shifted global reality meant they didn’t give quite enough of what most of us need right now: Consolation. Reassurance. Closeness. And so we went back to the drawing board and selected stories that are more relevant to current times, while also maintaining a positive outlook.

Like, for example, Annemiek Leclaire’s story about fantasizing and how it allows us to get within reach of the things we are unable or afraid to do. Liddie Austin’s feature about dealing with failure and things not going as you had planned was another late addition that fit well. And then there is the story about empathy, in which Otje van der Lelij talks about trying to see things from other people’s perspectives. I was especially grateful to be able to include that one. The world is such a polarized and volatile place at the moment, and thinking about what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes is surely the first step to beating back the flames.”

  • Issue 38 is now available in selected bookstores and in our shop.

Text Rachel Lancashire  Photography Javier Allegue Barros