In Flow Weekly

The theme for Flow Weekly #16 is “Going offline every now and then to refresh the mind.” Here’s an excerpt from the article “Offline is fine:”

According to numerous studies, concentration and being really present in the here and now increases your happiness. So it’s time for a digital detox.

Great ideas, creative solutions; they often only bubble up as you walk away from your screen. That’s because our brain has two attention systems, says psychologist Carien Karsten in Flow. “One part operates at times when you are busy collecting information—answering emails, organizing things and checking your social media also fall into this category. And the other part of your brain is active when you are in the “off mode,” so when you’re offline. The latter is the condition in which you have the best chance of getting good inspiration or creative solutions.”

Each Flow Weekly contains a nature tidbit. This week, you can read more about ladybugs, with illustrations by Kim Welling. If you want to see more, you will find Flow Weekly #16 in our web shop.

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