Flow issue 17

The new issue of Flow Magazine is now available from our web shop. And just to pique your curiosity, we’ve listed a few of things you’ll find inside…

  • Farewell to Fear: Our fears have a greater impact on our lives than we may realize. Whatever it is that weighs heavily on our mind, we can easily become limited by our own worry. So what can we do to tackle our fear?
  • Interview: Food and craft stylist Paul Lowe Einlyng, aka Sweet Paul, was raised in Oslo, Norway, by his grandmother and great aunt, who taught him how to craft and cook. After making a name for himself in his homeland, he moved to New York, where he had to start all over again.
  • In Limbo: Waiting for something to happen or to come along isn’t necessarily always a bad thing. After all who knows what unexpected and pleasant things life will throw your way while you’re waiting…
  • Stay Curious: Curiosity may well kill the cat, as they say, but when it comes to humans, curiosity only makes our lives richer. Some reason why, plus eight tips on how to stay curious.

Flow Extras:
A Herbarium Booklet: for the plants, flowers and leaves that catch your eye.
The Manual of Me: a fold-out booklet in which you can write your likes, dislikes, habits and vulnerabilities.

  • You can order Issue 17 from our web shop. Or you can find your copy in bookstores all around the world. Check our store locator for more information about where you can find Flow.