The Flow Gallery

It’s no secret that we love our illustrations at Flow, and so we are proud to present the first Flow Gallery in issue 11: ten tear-out mini posters  designed by our favorite illustrators around the world.

In this first gallery, you can find our favorite images by illustrators such as Liekeland, Eva Juliet, Helen Dardik and Ruby Taylor, all printed on nice, thick paper stock so you can use them as posters. On the back of each one, you’ll find biographical information about the illustrator and their work process. All told, you get ten mini posters that you can hang on your walls to create your own image gallery. And you can add more illustrations to them later, when we make another Flow Gallery in the future.

In this Flow Gallery, you’ll find work by:

If you click on the names above you can read more about these illustrators in one of our previous blogposts. You can view all ten illustrations in issue 11.