Flow 19 Days of Mindfulness

Our newest mindfulness special is here! Flow 19 Days of Mindfulness contains a nineteen-day plan to live a more mindful and creative life. It includes drawing lessons, the stories of female artists, insights into what writing a few pages every day can bring you and the value of having your own photo project. And of course, paper extras: a DIY garland, a color-in table runner and your own ‘Morning Pages’ notebook. Below is a list of things you will also find in the special.

  • Exercises in the now
    Just being here in the moment, instead of thinking about your to-do list or a conversation you had earlier in the day, keeps you in the present. These simple exercises from The Mindfulness Project in London can help you do it.
  • Change the way you look at your day
    Really notice the things around you with these exercises from Barbara Tammes.
  • The pleasure of slow reading
    Let’s go back to enjoying a book without distraction, and to paying proper attention to what we’re reading.

You can order this special from our web shop. Or you can find your copy in bookstores all around the world. Check our store locator for more information about where you can find Flow.

Illustration Ruby Taylor