Digital exhibition

The autochrome photographs of Dutch amateur photographer Jacob Olie Jr. (son of the famous 19th-century black-and-white photographer Jacob Olie) are now 100 years old. The Rijksmuseum houses the family photo archives in its collection, but they are too fragile to be on display as the colors literally evaporate when exposed to daylight. But, you can see some in the Dutch edition of Flow (issue 8), where we feature a story behind the domestic images of Jacob, his wife Tini and their adopted daughter Fifi. You can also view the photographs extensively on iPad or tablet, and the high resolution of the screen really does do them the justice they deserve. You’ll find lots more images on the Rijksmuseum’s website (simply enter ‘Jacob Olie’ in the search box)

Tini and Fifi in the guest room, Jacob Olie Jr, c. 1909-1910 (82×82 mm) © Jacob R. Olie

Self-portrait in the serre, Jacob Olie Jr, c. 1922-1931 (89×120 mm) © Jacob R. Olie