New pinner

Each month, we invite a Guest Pinner to compile a Friends of Flow board for us on Pinterest. In May, illustrator Sanny van Loon shared her wonderful finds. Thanks Sanny! Sanny also creates plenty of beautiful things herself—and you can admire her drawings in the Flow Sketchbook special. Her love for nature is clearly evident in her work, and in the images she collected and pinned for us. Here are a few examples:


Illustration Lizzie Stewart

Photo Vogue Magazine

Welcome Chalkboard
For June, Sanny van Loon hands over to Chalkboard, whose work you would have seen featured in Flow. Chalkboard is the pseudonym of chalkboard artist, hand-letterer and chalkboard-writing teacher, Viktor. It’s also the name of his web shop, Chalkboard, together with hand-lettering artist Marlis Zimmerman, created a month’s-worth of inspiring exercises on how to draw letters and provided plenty of handy tips too, in our One Letter A Day booklet, which came with issue 13 of Flow Magazine. Intrigued by what he’s going to pin? Then keep an eye on his board here.