Birthdays at Flow

Flow (and all the international editions, products and specials) is now produced by a decent-sized team. On a busy day, there are at least 16 people in the office, and yes, all those people have a birthday to celebrate at some point in the year. We do our best to not to forget these birthdays, and despite the hectic environment, take time out to celebrate each one. Marjolijn is our international assistant, and is responsible for organizing all the usage rights for the photos and illustrations featured in Flow. But she also has another (wonderfully sweet) specialty: she always makes something beautiful for the birthday girl of the day. She ensures that there’s a lovely garland hanging on their computer screen; makes mini posters of them and sticks these up on the walls of the meeting room; or makes a lovely card and ensures that everyone writes something inside. She always comes up with something. Her motto: “It doesn’t have to be something big or grand; even a small gesture can create a lovely moment on someone’s birthday.” And that’s so true. Thanks Marjolijn!

A photo of the card Marjolijn made for Kiara (from the online team) on her birthday.